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 65 Fury warrior

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PostSubject: 65 Fury warrior   Sun Nov 25, 2007 10:42 pm

In game name: Moragorr

Level: 64 almost 65

Futur raid spec: would like too be DW Fury But i could manage the prot spec if the guild need more

Raid Exp: I raided has a Hunter in kara and Gruul on Dracka my name was Drackon

Prof: Enchanting

Why would i like too join your guild? First i really like the name , second i'm looking too get in a raiding pve guild that want too reach the top i'm getting close of 70 and really want too grab a great guild asap .

Why did i left my old server? first the time zone was different second i was bored of my old hunter and third i wanted too meet new people that live in the same time zone of mine . ps: my old guild was a good at pve name is effect if you want too check they are still there .

its about all i can say if you got more question contact me in game

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65 Fury warrior
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