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 Flobings 70 Sword Rogue

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PostSubject: Flobings 70 Sword Rogue   Wed Oct 17, 2007 7:16 pm

Character name: Flobings
Class/Spec: Rogue combat swords (envenom spec)
Current server: area 52

Waza! a friend (Zombly 70 priest) and I just transfered to area 52 from terenas and we looking for a raiding guild to join so we can see some more endgame!
I have seen some of you around and you look at about the same point my guild on terenas was before it fell apart and if i could pick up raiding around that point i would love it xD

Prior Raid Experience: all of mc,bwl, zg, and kara. and parts of naxx and grull's

Armory link:

~ link still says in on terenas in my old guild... which is not true hehe.

What's your favorite Raid or team encounter in WoW (and why): nefarian in BWL hard fight wiped many many time but when everyone did their job and you downed him it was awesome!

Any alts you want to share with us?: canible 60 gnome mage on dragonblight. soshin 60 shammy on terenas.

What do you do for fun, besides WoW?: I play bass (upright and guitar), listen to metal and industrial music, do lots of art, attend college... for art, and get tattoos Very Happy.

Anyone in guild you know?:
well i just transfered here so ...nope

Any final comments about you and why we should accept your app?: umm i like to have fun with the game and really really want a 70 warlock but cant seem to get one past level 34.... >.>

and i would be VERY happy to find a guild where my friend zombly and i could both join!!!

~ Flobings?!
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PostSubject: oops...   Wed Oct 17, 2007 7:20 pm

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Flobings 70 Sword Rogue
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