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 70 warlock - application

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PostSubject: 70 warlock - application   Mon May 21, 2007 7:58 am


My character I am applying with is Rougatt.

Level 70 warlock, my current spec is a PvE (group / raid) fire spec.

I have a variety of gear, but my main DPS set is about +1175 fire damage (more with raid buffs) and 22% crit.

I have all the heroic keys, I am keyed for Karazhan, Gruul and Serpent Shrine Cavern.

My previous guild cleared MC, Ony, BWL, AQ20, ZG, AQ40, and like maybe 2? wings of Naxx. (We only cleared one wing pre-BC though).

Post BC, we had cleared Karazhan, and killed King Maulgar and Gruul.

I have recently transfered to this server because my guild is dying. I don't think they will all disband, but most of the people I started with have left. Also, our server was like 80% or something stupid Alliance:Horde.

I am applying to Fearless as I would like to run some more heroics, and Karazhan some more too. Also, just trying to make some new contacts on this server for trading and crafting etc.

I will try to contact one of your officers in game, but these next few weeks are exams for me and I might be studying alot.
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PostSubject: Re: 70 warlock - application   Mon May 21, 2007 11:42 am

I like this application ;x
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PostSubject: Re: 70 warlock - application   Thu Jun 07, 2007 11:28 pm

Just whisper me when I'll be on and we'll see what we can do! Smile Thanks for the application.
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PostSubject: Re: 70 warlock - application   Fri Jun 08, 2007 1:44 am

Sorry to waste your time guys, I joined briefly then left.

My apologies for wasting your time.
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PostSubject: Re: 70 warlock - application   

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70 warlock - application
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